Symbol Worship ‎– Abandoned Minds (LP)

18.00 - 20.00
Symbol Worship ‎– Abandoned Minds (LP)
180g Vinyl
Available in 2 different colours:
Black & Red/Black Smoke
Includes DL-Code & double sided insert
The haunting and hard hitting debut of Symbol Worship leaves nothing to be desired for fans of the darker electronic music spectrum. The duo from Karlsruhe draw the listener into their audial maelstrom pairing techno with droning and noisy sequences. Visually speaking the artwork and the symbolism on the inlay follow the concept of the music and go hand in hand with it. The end result is a sinister album that keeps you on the edge for its 36 minutes ride.
In collaboration with AbArt Corruption, Blutrausch Propaganda & SW Records
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